About us

We are one of the leading importers of tractors, trailers and trucks in Poland. We have an unusually long and extensive experience in import / transmitting a few year used vehicles. However, there are some people who are doing  this kind of work by their own way, often "moving in the dark" for the car of his dream, and moreover, making the risk, but others carefully get their partners, choosing only the best tested goods. Precisely to this group of importers belong our company. The companies device is „Our main priority are vehicles”

Our offer is not only dedicated to Polish customer!  We have also clients on the all European market and we are looking for new markets abroad the European Union and Asia. We have the experience in selling trucks to Africa (Egypt, Nigeria, Gambia), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Syria), Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan). We are looking for new contractors from South America. More information You can find on EXPORT tab!


Our main priority are vehicles


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